kehormatan :)

kehormatan :)

Isnin, 8 Ogos 2011

Tips kali ini aku ambil dari Magazine Oprah Online... aku copy & paste aje...tak sempat nak translate...tu sebab ianya dalam bahasa Inggeris.

Ianya adalah sesuatu yang baik untuk kita jadikan panduan pemakanan kerana setiap individu yang berlainan usia sepatutnya mengambil diet yang berbeza..

Banyak lagi tips-tips pemakanan yang aku ambil dari Magazine Oprah Online...nanti aku postkan di sini untuk dikongsi bersama...


In your 20s:

Build good habits—and bone density—by opting for nutrient-rich whole foods instead of refined varieties (an apple instead of apple juice, whole grains instead of white flour).

In your 30s: 

Rather than cutting out certain foods or reducing calories, eat smaller, more frequent meals that include a balanced mix of carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

In your 40s:

To minimize hormone-level changes that may cause weight fluctuations, replace animal protein and fat with vegetarian sources, like nuts, seeds, beans, avocado, and quinoa.

In your 50s:

To fight abdominal fat, focus on making exchanges. Skip coffee and diet soda in favor of green tea, or ditch high-sugar sweets and have a portion of dark chocolate instead.

In your 60s:

As your body loses lean muscle, your metabolism naturally slows, putting you at risk for weight gain. Choosing high-quality proteins can help maintain muscle and your body's calorie-burning ability.

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